Monday, July 19, 2010

The Balance between accumulating and enjoying

I met a friend and former colleague for coffee. We were meeting after more than a year, and talking about the direction of our lives and his work. Then he made one of those spontaneous astute observations that people make from time to time.

"We plan and spend so many years to accumulate wealth but we don't seem to set aside years to enjoy our wealth," he said.

Amen, Sid.

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Dave said...

Very good point Ram. I like your "experiment" in retiring and will keep an eye on your progress. I read a quote today supporting your efforts: •
Retiring too early doesn't pose too serious a problem; you can always go back to full time work and give retirement another go sometime later. On the other hand, retiring too late means you don't get another chance to do it right. Put another way, if you put it off too long, upon your retirement you may find out that the best time to pursue your dreams and enjoy life to the fullest was twenty years ago." From Ernie Zelinski.