Thursday, September 29, 2011

What you really need to get by

For nearly three years now, my wife and I have tried to be 'location independent people.' No apartments with long term leases. We move from place to place, seeing if we can make this mode work.

Repeatedly settling in and winding down over and over seems to be instructive. It has forced us to be efficient, to examine and rethink each of our possessions. (As an aside, here's my suggestion for anyone looking to de-clutter – Move houses)

So after nearly three years of doing this, here's my whittled down list of what I really need to get by: One big suitcase of sensible clothes, a sturdy set of multi-purpose pots and pans, a reliable car, and the very best electronic gadgets that I can afford to buy.

Everything else is only 'nice to have.'

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Anonymous said...

When you say location independence i have tue following to ask
1. What is it really that you are running away from?

2 What are you really running towards?

I myself have never been able to be still: always running away from something or to something. When I do learn to be still i really would have found peace.