Tuesday, September 27, 2011

A Few Quick posts

I haven't been posting here much lately. Many reasons. Among them are the "rules" that I have created for myself. Rules on what to post, how to write it, how to not sound arrogant, what it should convey, and most important, my worries about who might misinterpret what I say.

All of that has stifled my output.

So I am attempting to break free. For the next few days, I will post a few short quick posts. I'll call them as I see them, not worry about my rules. If I offend, it is only a by-product, not the goal.

So take the next few posts with a grain of salt. All of them, for that matter.


Middle Way said...

The beauty of art is that it can allow for many interpretations.

And how something is perceived is more often about the interpreter's life experience.

I look forward to reading more of your posts "unplugged".

I've appreciated all that has come so far. It can only get better.

Syed Rashid said...

Ram, I second what Middle way has said above. I was missing your posts and thought several times to send you an email asking if everything is okay.

Please keep on writing. I enjoy reading your posts and I don't know how one can construe any of posts to be of faults you mentioned.

Please keep on writing.