Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Biggest Worry

Quesiton: Deep down, what is your biggest worry?

Response: That someday I could become unexpectedly physically incapable, and my savings won't be enough to cover my healthcare costs. I really believe that we can weather all other contingencies. For now, we have a high deductible health insurance. But healthcare costs are where we are rolling the dice.


Mike said...

A big worry for us all. I have a wife with less than perfect health who I will have to one day look after. We live in a country with socialised medicine but still, I will have the funds to stay home and take care of her but what if something else (market meltdown, government theft) leads me to having to work again ? Thoughts such as these can keep you up at night but I would assume you've been retired long enough now to know it was worth it ?

Ram said...

Hey Mike,

You ask, was it worth it? I will probably do a full post about this, but here's my quick response.

My sabbatical from corporate life has now been for over 3 years. The first two years I didn't do any work as such. I wanted to spend time with my parents in India which I did.

For the last one year, I have been taking up sporadic consulting assignments. The motivation was to start doing something productive/constructive. (It pays just enough to cover most of my expenses.)

These days, I am no longer militantly opposed to a job if the problems are interesting.

Also, when I say that it has been worth it, it should be viewed in light of the fact that I have not yet had any medical catastrophes.

Thomas Watson said...

One of the signs that you are ready to resign is if you have reliable health insurance coverage

harada57 said...