Monday, June 7, 2010

So How Will this Experiment End?

A good experimenter does not pre-suppose results. The job is to observe carefully, record the observations unaltered and only later retro-fit theories that explain the results obtained.

But what works in science doesn't always work cleanly in the human sphere. So how do I think this "experiment in retirement" will end?

I suspect that sooner or later, I might revert back to a corporate life, with earnest promises to myself "to never forget the many lessons learned." And to everyone who asks about my time off, I will tell them that "I won't give up that experience for anything."

Whether I will say that because I really believe it or because none of us likes to admit failure in any endeavor, I really don't know.

For now, I am enjoying the time immensely. The experiment goes on.


Robert said...

What's making you think that you'll revert to corporate? Financial? Boredom? Health Ins.?

~ Marie ~ said...

Wow... hopefully it won't be due to a financial gorilla on your back..and would only be by choice.

Now that I am out I could never ever no way no how go back to that cesspool ... oh I mean job.


Of course I was way past burn out.

No matter... your life adventure is amazing and we all know you know how to get out again if need be.


Ram said...


Corporate is more of a 'default' state.
It is surely not boredom, and it is not health insurance.
It is just that a lot of what I want to do, I can do within the corporate world as well. Unlike a lot of others, I actually liked being a part of the corporate world, and to me it is just a 'comfort zone' thing I suppose.

Very perceptive. Knowing that I can always get out again is a big safety net that I know I have.