Saturday, September 26, 2009

Can be hazardous, together

Being home all day means spending lots and lots of time with my wife. And sometimes, she makes statements that I couldn’t disagree with more, forcing me to speak up.

“One should never mix oily food with curd,” she said one day when we were having lunch.
“Which idiot said that?” I asked.
“My father.”

Being married can sometimes be positively hazardous.

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Arvind said...

The lesson here is to focus on the act and not on the person ( aka focus on the sin not the sinner).

If only you had changed your statement from "which idiot said that" to "who made that idiotic statement" you would have gotten your point across just as strongly without name calling.

There is no person who has not made idiotic statements. Einstein said "God does not play dice" about Quantum Mechanics. There is an idiotic statement from one of the greatest of minds.