Sunday, August 2, 2009

Interspersing "retirement" into your working years

Daniel Pink, after just returning from TED Global 2009 says:

One of the talks that really stuck with me came from the amazing designer Stefan Sagmeister. He described a typical life timeline: The first 25 or so years are devoted to learning, the next 40 or so to working, and the final 25 to retirement.

Then he asked: Why not cut off 5 years from retirement and intersperse them into your working years?

So every seven years, Sagmeister closes his design shop, tells his clients he won’t be back for a year, and then goes off on a 365-day sabbatical. It sounds costly, I know. But he says the ideas he comes up with during the year “off” are often what provide the income for next seven years.


Man said...

Occasionally I check what's going on. It looks like you still in the phase you look for what others think of retirement rather than just being in the stage of retirement. I understand its complex, but because you have already made up mind, relax and focus on things that you thought you could do.

-with a plan

Ram said...


It's not that I am looking for validation. But I want to be careful that I am not misleading others down a path that is not sustainable, and that I don't falsely claim that things are fine when they aren't. That's the reason for some of the posts about the views of others whom I respect.