Thursday, June 11, 2009

Pico Iyer: The Joy of Less

Thanks to Arvind N. for sending me the pointer to this Pico Iyer article.

Under the title of "The Joy of Less" Iyer writes about his almost monastic life in the suburbs of Kyoto. He writes:
But at some point, I decided that, for me at least, happiness arose out of all I didn’t want or need, not all I did.
I also found it very insightful that Iyer refers to absorption as the closest he's come to understanding happiness. In other places, I have seen this referred to as 'being in the zone.' Be sure to read the article, though not all of us will agree with its points.

NYT has also published people's reactions to Pico Iyer's article, and I found that equally interesting.

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~ Marie ~ said...

I so appreciate the soul / brain food you send my way.

Both the article and the responses bring forward a tapestry of feelings.

As in today, I have a number times in my life chosen poverty of sorts. Not for a moment have I forgotten the difference between this poverty by choice vs a few people I have known that were / are immersed in a culture of poverty. While one can climb out often it comes with gifts such as good health, smarts, flexible souls, family support, family insanity, luck etc...

May we all find our own higher ground. Cheers!

Goutham said...

Thanks Ram. Wonderful article and even better comments.

Ram said...

Thanks, Marie. It was forwarded to me, and I felt that it was appropriate to share here.