Wednesday, July 2, 2008

First Monday Blues

So what does someone who's just retired do on a Monday morning?

Like many, I have wondered about the same question. I was actually a little wary of facing my first Monday without work. (Aside: When I mentioned this 'fear' of Monday morning to a few others, they gave me looks of incomprehension. They were off to work and I would be free and to them it was silly that anyone would 'worry' about having nothing to do. So I stopped mentioning this to others, but I was actually not looking forward to the first Monday.)

I was hoping to sleep in late, but I was up at 7.30am, much earlier than even my normal waking time, thanks to a sense of general unease.
In order to be sure that I had things to do, I had gone overboard and packed my day with things to do. We had a trip coming up. To get ready for it meant travel planning, a visit to the airport to get some tickets, working out a way to extend our lease with our landlady by a few months, getting provisions for the trip. So in the end, except for the fact that I wasn't at work, the day went by in a blur.

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